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Meet Naomi

Naomi Ferstera is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist / Exercise Scientist, Nutritionist and lecturer with a passion for debunking health and fitness myths, teaching on all things nutrition and exercise science.

Naomi is an expert in her field with dual degrees in Clinical Exercise Physiology and Education and a post-graduate qualification in nutrition. She been working in the industry for 20 years and has assisted thousands of people, just like you, achieve your health and fitness goals.

She’s also a busy mum of four so understands that a lifestyle change has to work for you and fit in with your life. She wants to see you get fit, healthy and strong, as quickly as possible!

If you’re ready to build the mindset and body you’ve always wanted (without having to give up everything you love) then Naomi wants to work with you! Click on one of the programs below to get started.

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