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31 Strong – VIP 12 Month Program
“31” originates from Proverbs 31, which describes the wife of noble character. You don’t need to be a wife however, to become like this woman. She is strong, wise, resilient, respected, loved and a leader within her community. When I think about who I want to become, the woman described in this proverb is everything I could hope for, and more.
“Strong” because this program is focused on building strong bodies, strong minds, strong relationships and strength of character. 

My goal is to help coach women to a position of power – physically and mentally.

31 Strong focuses on three key areas: fitness, family and self.


During the 12 months, you will be working towards key fitness milestones. You will be working closely with a coach who will personalise your exercise program, asses your diet and eating habits and work closely with you to keep you on track. Over the 12 months you will be shown different training techniques and options, you will be trialling different nutritional and fasting strategies and you will be assisted in figuring out a lifestyle plan that suits you and your family.


A key component to our program is learning to prioritise your family. We help you develop a schedule and implement a routine that will have your family spending more quality time together than ever before. We work on reducing your busyness so that nothing interferes in your time with your loved ones.


An essential part of this program is making sure you prioritise your most valuable asset – your time. You will be taught about starting your day peacefully, setting your top 3, undertaking gratitude practice and setting up routines and habits to help you become the person.


31 Strong is a 12 month program due to research indicating that people who adopt a new lifestyle and keep weight off for longer than 12 months are likely to do so for life. We want this for you – we want you to permanently change your mindset and your behaviour so you can achieve every goal you set for yourself and your family! 

Included in our VIP program is:

– access to our coaching calls and your own coach to keep you on track and focused
– access to our private Facebook group
– access to our online fitness app, with a personalised exercise program
– access to our Eat Fat Get Fit website with all the recipes, menu planners and shopping lists
– individualised nutritional advice
– continued access to this group
– ongoing education, activities and tasks to keep you growing and learning
– team challenges and activities 
– priority and discounts on events and products

This program is life-changing and all for only $59/week

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