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Below are some 100 and 200 calorie snacks that you can choose from if you are struggling:

  1 cup celery (chopped)14
  1 cup cucumber (chopped)16
  1 cup capsicum (chopped)39
  1 cup buttery cabbage65
  Snack (25g) Jarlsberg88
  Cheese stick eg Bega Stringers90
  Snack (25g) Brie92
  100g blueberries with 1 tbsp double cream122
  1 bacon rasher123
  50g cream cheese134
  2 eggs150
  100 smoked salmon with 1 tbsp cream cheese168
  Almonds (30g)186
  100g chicken breast195
  100g steak200
  100g salmon200
  Cheddar cheese (50g)200
  Macadamias (30g)215
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