Client Testimonial – Judy N

An incredible testimony from one of our clients, Judy:

Hi everyone!

As I come to the end of Week 12 on LCHF, I can tell you all that this is the best life change I have ever made. It all flows so naturally and all the benefits happen without effort.

I love the food I eat and I can honestly say that I have not fallen off the wagon and I am not tempted to do so. I cannot believe that I am 12 weeks sugar-free and not missing it. If I eat a lot on one day, I don’t freak out and jump on the scales like I would have before. I know this is what “listening to your body” is.

So without any effort, I have added another kilo to my weight loss since finishing Bootcamp 4 weeks ago. This is all the proof I need that I am successful!!

When I began The December Bootcamp 2016, I had no idea what the future held. I sure as hell didn’t expect to change to this extent, both physically and emotionally.

I am now fit, healthy and happy!!The photo on the left is me 3 weeks in, about to start the Bootcamp phase, and on the right is me now. I have a waist!!! This program still amazes me and I will be forever grateful for this experience. #efgf#lchf

Weight Loss: 9kgs
BP: 105/71
Waist: 11cms down
PS: Great to be able to fit into my clothes again.
LIFE IS GOOD!!! ????????????????????????


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