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Day 12

Well on this last day of the 12 workouts of Christmas we’d like to finish up on a high note. My group training crew did this one yesterday morning and we all did it in fancy dress. So in the spirit of Christmas, grab your favourite tutu and tag me in Facebook or Instagram so I can also share in your festive spirit.

FYI The exercises are done in the same pattern as the song! Enjoy!

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1. Warm-up for 5-10 minutes
Gradually increase your heart rate until you are puffing and sweaty.

2. The 12 Days of Christmas:

1 20m sprint
2 burpees
3 squat jumps
4 V crunches
5 step ups/box jumps
6 push-ups
7 up and down hold
8 lunge jumps
9 dips
10 frog pumps
11 glute ab/ad
12 mountain climbers

3. Cool Down
Gradually decrease your heart rate until your breathing returns to normal and you can sustain a conversation.

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