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Day 3

Today’s workout is by yours truly…

This bike workout is one of my absolute fave workouts as it’s quick, simple and low impact. If you’re a beginner, start with one round and work your way up. I like to do three and it takes me all of about 20 minutes and I’m absolutely smashed afterwards. Love it!

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1. Warm up
Gradually increase your heart rate until you’re puffing and sweaty

2. Bike – 3 rounds (beginners should only do 1 round)

1st round – Sprints | 2nd round – Hill sprints | 3rd round – Hills 

  • 10 seconds hard, 50 seconds recovery
  • 20s hard, 40s recovery
  • 30s hard, 30s recovery
  • 40s hard, 20s recovery
  • 50s hard, 10s recovery
  • 60s hard, 60s recovery

4. Cool down

5. Stretch

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