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Day 4

Today’s workout is brought to you by Wayne Booth

Think you’re game to try one of Wayne’s crazy workouts? There are just two exercises but it will prove to be mind over matter in this box jumping burpee marathon! Get your timer ready and get set, go! 

Don’t forget to show Wayne some love at:

(@getfitinaustralia)  (@boothys_pt)

Day 4 - Wayne Booth

1. Warm up

2. Timed interval program:

 (i) 100 X 6 second interval Box jumps (if Box jumps can not be achieved then step ups). Make sure the box/step up is suitable for your fitness level. 

(ii) 100 X 6 second interval Burpees (pick an appropriate level of burped – see our YouTube channel for level variations)

3. Once you have completed these 2 rounds and if you are feeling good, then go again but 50 reps of each round

4. Cool down

5. Stretch

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