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Day 9

Day 9’s workout is reminiscent of Day 7 so make sure you warm up really well! I apologise sincerely if your Christmas wrapping ability is affected from this little upper body blitz.

Don’t forget to share your pain, I mean love on social media. Tag me into your sweaty workout pics @naomiferstera

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1. Warm up

Gradually increasing your heart rate until you are puffing and sweaty

2. Circuit – 3 sets:

1st set 20 reps | 2nd set 15 reps | 3rd set 10 reps

Kettle bell upright row
Band chin-ups
TRX standing row
Tricep pushups

3. Cool Down

Gradually decrease your heart rate until your breathing returns to normal and you can sustain a conversation.

4. Stretch

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