30 Day Fitness Challenge

Research is showing HIIT to be a fast, effective and fun way to get fit. So why not try our 30 day fitness challenge? We will send you a new high intensity, short duration workout every day for 30 days!

To make the most of the program, we recommend a few pieces of equipment to help get you started:
– skipping rope
– medicine ball
– exercise mat
– kettle bell or dumbbell
– battling rope (for those that want to challenge themselves)
– heart rate monitor (for those that are serious about tracking their results)

We also recommend doing the following before you get started:
– 60 second sit up test
– maximal push-up test
– 1km timed walk/run
– before and afters
This will help you track your results and show you how far you have come.

To make sure you don’t miss a single workout, sign up below and we will email it to you each day!

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