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Circuit Programs - Week 3 & 4


Circuit 2

Warm Up

5-10 minutes gradually increasing your heart rate until you are puffing and sweaty (eg walking, then jogging, then running)


On The Minute Every Minute (OMEM). 3 rounds. No rest between round 1 & 2. 1 minute rest between round 2 & 3 (if needed)

70 skipping
10 push-ups
30 step-ups
15 up and down holds
20 crunches
10 burpees

Cool Down

5-10 minutes gradually decreasing your heart rate  until you can sustain a normal conversation (eg jogging then walking)

Full body stretches


You have one minute to complete the number of reps allocated to each exercise. The timer is continuous and there are no breaks between each exercise. The faster you complete the number of reps, the more rest you get within each minute.

If you want to calculate your heart rate, watch my video on calculating heart rate intensities.

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