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Circuit Programs - Week 5 & 6


Circuit 3

Warm Up

5-10 minutes gradually increasing your heart rate (eg walking, then jogging, then running)


Round 1: 20 reps | Round 2: 16 reps | Round 3: 8 reps

Pistol squats
Up and down hold
Single leg deadlift
Band assisted chin-ups
Bulgarian split squats
Lateral leaps

Optional Finisher:

1 min sprint
30 second recovery
1 min hill (hard resistance)

Cool Down

5-10 minutes gradually decreasing your heart rate  until you can sustain a normal conversation (eg jogging then walking)

Full body stretches


For the optional finisher, you can use a bike or x-trainer or run, row or swim etc.

If you want to calculate your heart rate, watch my video on calculating heart rate intensities.

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