HIIT 4x4 Program

Intermediate / Advanced


Warm Up

5-10 minutes gradually increasing your heart rate (eg walking, then jogging, then running)

Interval – do this between two and four times

Part A: Building Phase

2 minutes gradually increasing your exercise heart rate up to 85-95% of your maximal heart rate

Part B: Holding Phase

2 minutes maintain heart rate between 85-95% of your maximal heart rate

Part C: Active Recovery

3 minutes of active recovery (reduce your heart rate to a comfortable level but you must keep moving)

Cool Down

5-10 minutes gradually decreasing your heart rate (eg jogging then walking)


Intermediate: Do the interval two or three times

Advanced: Do the interval three or four times

Working in your heart rate zones is important! This has to be done correctly – please watch my video on calculating heart rate intensities. You will need a heart rate monitor to perform this program correctly.

This program can be done in many ways:

  • On a bike (stationary or not)
  • On a treadmill
  • Running and sprinting or walking and jogging
  • In a swimming pool (short bursts of swimming or kicking as fast as you can)
  • Up a hill (walk / jog / sprint as fast as you can)
  • Skipping
  • Boxing
  • In any way that lifts your heart rate
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