Sprint Programs


Program A

Warm Up

5-10 minutes gradually increasing your heart rate (eg walking, then jogging, then running)

Sprint Program A

5x 20m sprint
5x 10m flags
5x 10m inclines
5x 10m suicides

Cool Down

5-10 minutes gradually decreasing your heart rate  until you can sustain a normal conversation (eg jogging then walking)


All sprints are at 100% exertion and should only be done by low risk people (based on the outcome of the Adult Pre-Exercise Screening Tool).

1. All sprints are “walk-back”. The walking allows your heart rate to slowly decrease. Your rest time is up to you.

2. “Flags” – start by lying on the ground with your chin resting on top of your hands. Your feet are facing the finishing line (think surf lifesaving). On “go” you need to jump up, turn around and sprint for to the end.

3. With the incline sprints, the degree of incline is up to you. Go for a small incline to start with.

4. Suicides are a series of increasing distance sprints, done in succession without rest. The diagram shows the order of the exercise. 

Start at A, then sprint to B. Then jog back to A. Turn as quickly as you can and then sprint to C. Jog back to A. Finally sprint to D and jog slowly back to A.

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