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Week 4

Future Self

This week is all about the future you!

In our preparation week, we identified Person A and Person B.

Person B may be hugely different to Person A or maybe only subtly different but we recognise that there are some things we need to change and we have been working towards this.

This week we are stepping up our game on becoming Person B. We are not taking no for an answer and we are focused, determined and refusing to quit.

This week we are gong to look at:

* what it will feel like to quit again

* recreating ourselves is long term process

* the power of habits and time

* protecting our new habits and schedules fiercely

* setting ourselves up for success

It is now time to make sure you are thinking clearly about who you want to become and what you need to do to get there.

What is your game plan?


Our menus focus on:

1. Adequate protein intake

2. Micronutrient diversity

3. Dinner for breakfast

Make sure you have calculated your protein and are maximising the nutrient density of each your meals!


The Future Self

Vision Boards

The Athlete Mindset

Creating Intimacy

Weekly Reflection

Make sure you take the time each week to reflect back on the week that was.

This is a great opportunity to assess how successful your week was, where you can improve and what you should congratulate yourself for!

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