Mini Appointments

I often get asked questions via social media that need more time and thought than a quick Facebook or Instagram message allows. However, the question generally doesn’t need a full appointment either.

So to try and help with these situations, I am offering a limited number of 15 minute appointments where you have the opportunity to ask me specific health and fitness advice for your situation.

– to calculate your weight loss calories
– to calculate your macros
– to calculate your exercise heart rate
– for personalised advice on fasting
– for personalised advice on weight training
– for advice on supplements 
– for tips on setting up routines and schedules
– for goal setting advice

Really on anything you can fit into 15 minutes 😉

This is a great opportunity to get answers to specific questions you have about YOUR health and fitness.

So if you have questions you need answers to, I’d love to chat with you about your individual situation.


Appointments can be done via Zoom or phone.
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