Be Fabulous Challenge - Eat Fat Get Fit Program

$447.00 $387.00


Be Fabulous Challenge – Eat Fat Get Fit Program

$447.00 $387.00

Want to get the most out of the Eat Fat Get Fit Program? Join Naomi and her team for high intensity training, Ipswich-style! Do our online Eat Fat Get Fit Program plus attend as many of our Ipswich group training sessions as you like for the 8 weeks of your program. Check out our group training timetable.


The Eat Fat Get Fit Program is a unique program combining the power of Low Carb High Fat with High Intensity/Short Duration Training. Designed by an accredited exercise physiologist with over 15 years industry experience.

The Eat Fat Get Fit Program is designed for those who are interested in trying LCHF for the first time or would like some more guidance with it. The program takes a more gentle approach to weight loss and would suit those who enjoy more flexibility with menus and food and don’t require a lot of supervision.

It includes:

  • Regular and vegetarian LCHF menus and recipes
  • Exercise programs & demonstrations (can be done at home or in the gym)
  • Weekly emails to keep you motivated
  • Private Facebook group
  • The Eat Fat Get Fit ebook
  • Our LCHF recipe eBook
  • Access to our website with all our LCHF recipes, workouts, education videos and research links
  • Online Education including:
    • How to get fat adapted (and why it’s important)
    • Intermittent fasting
    • Gut health
    • The role of inflammation in chronic disease
    • The hormone series (how our hormones can be keeping us overweight
    • Why getting fit is the most important thing you can do
    • Putting together a long-term health plan
    • And more…
  • Fortnightly online meetings with Naomi

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