Nutrition Bootcamp


Nutrition Bootcamp


A unique program combining the power of Low Carb High Fat with High Intensity/Short Duration Training. Designed by an accredited exercise physiologist with over 15 years industry experience.

The Nutrition Bootcamp includes 4 weeks of a very low calorie ketogenic diet, aimed at improving hormone sensitivity and has been designed for people who have struggled to lose weight, even following the LCHF lifestyle.

The Nutrition Bootcamp is a three-phase program:

Phase 1: Fat Adaption process (3 weeks)
Phase 2: Very Low Calorie, Ketogenic “Diet” (4 weeks)
Phase 3: Gradual return to regular LCHF eating (1 week)

In order to be successful in the Bootcamp, you must be able to follow a strict program (800 calories per day) and be able to commit to weekly short HIIT sessions (that can be done from home without any equipment).

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A program specifically designed for those that have:

  • attempted LCHF and been unsuccessful
  • have a long dieting history
  • have had many unsuccessful weight loss attempts
  • an ability to commit to weekly short exercise sessions (that can be done from home without any equipment)

The Nutrition Bootcamp is a three-part program:

  • Phase 1: Fat adaption process (3 weeks)
  • Phase 2: Very low calorie, ketogenic “diet” (VLKD) (4 weeks)
  • Phase 3: Return to regular LCHF eating (1 week)

Program Inclusions:

  • Education program covering
    • fat adaption
    • intermittent fasting
    • the importance of exercise
    • the macronutrients and how to calculate macro intakes
    • metabolic resistance and how it impacts on weight loss
    • how to make very low calorie diets work for you
    • re-feeding
    • working out the long term plan
  • A new set of exercise programs every fortnight
  • Meetings/check-ins
  • Weekly menus and recipes
  • Our LCHF recipe eBook
  • Access to our private Facebook group
  • Access to our website with all our LCHF recipes, workouts, education videos and research links
  • A weekly email to help keep you focused and motivated
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