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I am an Exercise Physiologist and Exercise Scientist with over 17 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry and I specialise in chronic disease management; specifically, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity.

I offer a range of services to the fitness industry in Ipswich, QLD including:

Health and nutrition workshops for your clients or your PTs

I have been teaching and lecturing for over 10 years in the fitness industry and education is a core tenet of my business. I run Healthy Living workshops for my own clients and have taught CEC courses for personal trainers and can provide similar services for your clients and PTs onsite.

Body Composition and Metabolic Assessments for your clients

We can also provide body fat and metabolism testing services to your clients, either on request by clients or on an ongoing basis at your site, through the use of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis

Support for PTs with clients with chronic illnes

As an exercise physiologist, I can work with your trainers who have clients with serious chronic illness to ensure adequate duty of care is maintained and reduce litigation risk for both you and your trainers.

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We are able to cater to both large and small businesses and can work with you to tailor a package or service to suit you and your clients specifically. Get in contact today!

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