Ditch the diet in 2018 and change your strategy. See how thousands of other people are losing weight, getting healthy and changing their lives.

Our online 8 week program is unlike any other out there. We utilise the power of Low Carb High Fat, High Intensity Training and Intermittent Fasting. Choose from our regular program or kick start your metabolism with our hardcore Nutrition Bootcamp.

Our program is 100% online so you can do it from anywhere in the world – but if you’re in Ipswich, Queensland you can also choose to do your training sessions with us!

For 8 weeks you will be challenged to change your life with weekly motivational emails, menus, exercise programs, online education and more. Best of all, unlike other programs, there is no need to do this program over and over again. Do it once and then equip yourself to make life-long changes to your health.


We’re currently offering you the first week of our Eat Fat Get Fit Program free! No credit card required and there is absolutely no obligation to continue on after the first week.

What's It All About?

The four pillars to our programs are:

Low Carb Healthy Fat

LCHF sounds like a fad but, in reality, it reflects the way we used to eat prior to the 1960s. LCHF is essentially about 4 keys things:

1. Removing processed carbohydrate
2. Increasing unprocessed saturated fat content
3. Removing processed polyunsaturated fats/oils
4. Ultimately eating an unprocessed diet

Remember, food is to be enjoyed, and that’s a central tenant of my philosophy!

High Intensity Interval Training

Intensity is king! Our body only responds to stimulus and when we train, that stimulus is the intensity.

The research is very clear on the benefits of HIIT. HIIT has been shown to improve fitness quickly and efficiently, whilst keeping people interested and engaged.

HIIT training ensures you will be working hard enough AND you don’t have to do a long session. Short and sweet – perfect for the busy person! 

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a game changer. The health benefits achieved by undertaking regular fasting are simply staggering.

Research shows that short periods of fasting are beneficial for gut health, reducing inflammation, neurological health, healthy aging, sustainable weight loss and so much more!


Education is crucial to the success and adherence of our program. I have found, over the years, that when my clients understood what they were doing they were able to make good decisions by themselves, manipulate their own programs and take control of their health.

Only you can fix you. I can show you how, but you need to do it yourself.

Here's What You Get

A Science Based Program

Choose a nutrition and fitness program based on the most up to date research

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Access to Naomi

Get unlimited live access to Naomi via our private Facebook group and our live online meetings.

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Online Meetings

We offer regular LIVE online meetings with industry experts, hosted by Naomi

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Live Online Training Sessions

Join our private Online Training facebook group and join in with training sessions by Naomi and our PTs live or whenever suits you!

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Private Facebook Group

Join a supportive and friendly community of like-minded individuals - stay part of the group for as long as you like, even after your program finishes.

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Free eBooks

Get our Eat Fat Get Fit Program, Intermittent Fasting and LCHF Recipe eBooks for free - and they're yours to keep, even after the program finishes

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Menus and Recipes

New menus each week containing delicious Low Carb Healthy Fat recipes (vegetarian options also available)

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Interactive Shopping Lists

Use our menus or adjust them to suit you, then with one click generate a mobile-friendly shopping list!

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Exercise Programs

Multiple exercise programs each week that can be done at home or in the gym. Beginner to advanced options available

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Access to our Website

Access to our website for the life of your program - all our LCHF recipes, workouts, education videos and research links

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Weekly Emails

Weekly emails from Naomi to keep you motivated, covering everything you need to know!

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Education Series

Learn the science behind why we do what we do in the program. The more you know, the better your chance of success.

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Is this program right for me?

The Eat Fat Get Fit Program takes a gentle approach, encouraging a natural style of eating. This means no calorie or macro counting and it is suitable for most people.

The Eat Fat Get Fit Program is a two-phase program:

Phase 1: Fat Adaption process (3 weeks)
Phase 2: Low Carb High Fat (5 weeks)

In order to be successful in The Eat Fat Get Fit Program, you must be able to follow a LCHF menu, commit to weekly short High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions (that can be done from home without any equipment) and commit to intermittent fasting.

Watch my video about the program

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Frequently Asked Questions

My family thinks I’m going to kill myself by eating lots of fat. What can I tell them?

The theory that fat causes cardiovascular disease (CVD) has never been proven and therefore, lacks scientific validation.  A meta-analysis in 2010, which looked at over 300 000 people, could not find any correlation between saturated fat intake and cardiovascular disease. The Framingham Study also found that those in their cohort, who ate more fat, were the slimmest and the healthiest. More studies have also found that saturated fat does not raise blood triglycerides but that it is sugar (particularly fructose) that is able to do this.  High intake of sugar is able to increase the risk for cardiovascular disease as it causes LDL-p (LDL particle number) to elevate and promotes metabolic syndrome (low HDL, high triglycerides, high waist circumference, high blood pressure and insulin resistance).

If we don’t count calories in your regular program, why do we count calories in the Bootcamp?

The 800 calories is a somewhat arbitrary number (as explained by how inaccurate calorie counting is) but the 800 ensures that you will eat sufficiently low volume of food to get the benefits of fasting. You don’t have to try and be spot on with the 800 calories and you can certainly go a little higher if you need to.

Can I ever eat sugar again?

Absolutely! It would be a sad life to never eat anything sugary ever again but it is an absolute no-no during our 8-week program. We do this to help you break the sugar habit and to help with adaption process that your taste buds will go through. After 8 weeks of no sugar (and limited sweet foods) you will find many sugary foods, you used to eat, too sweet for you. This will help keep you away from them in the future.

Can I do your program without going to the gym?

Absolutely! All our programs are designed to be done anywhere – at home, in the park or at the gym. New programs are available every fortnight and require minimal equipment.

How often should I be exercising?

We recommend starting with 1-2 of our high intensity sessions and building into 3-4. Our sessions are only 15-30 minutes duration and can be done from your home, or the park or anywhere you like!

Why do you encourage high intensity training?

High intensity training has been scientifically shown to improve cardiovascular fitness quickly and efficiently. With cardiovascular disease being the number one killer globally, it makes sense to focus on cardiovascular fitness. High intensity training also improves metabolic risk factors (increases HDL, lowers triglycerides, lowers blood pressure and improves insulin sensitivity) more effectively than lower intensity training. High intensity training will also ensure that you will increase lean tissue which makes you a better fat burner!

Is it ok to do low intensity training?

Of course! We do encourage you to add in a couple of our high intensity sessions however as the intensity is the key to you changing your body. Only when the intensity is correct, will you see fitness improvements and the building of lean tissue. If the intensity is too low, you won’t get these changes. However low intensity exercise has lots of health benefits to and compliment our HIIT programs perfectly.

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