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Finished the Eat Fat Get Fit Program or Nutrition Bootcamp but not yet ready to say goodbye? Join us as a Platinum Member and not only will you keep your access to our website, our Facebook group and our online training group, you will also get access to exclusive Member-only content. Plus you can re-do the program and the bootcamp as many times as you like!

Be supported as you continue on with your journey.

Only $20 per week

Here's What You Get

Unlimited access to our Programs and Bootcamps

You can do the program or bootcamp as many times as you like whilst you are a Platinum member

Access to Naomi

Keep your unlimited live access to Naomi via our private Facebook group and our live online meetings.

Online Meetings

Continue to attend our online meetings plus get access to members-only sessions.

Access to our Website

Access to all our valuable content on our website, plus exclusive members-only content

Live Online Training Sessions

Continue training with Naomi and our PTs in our private Online Training facebook group.

Exercise Programs

Regular new exercise programs that can be done at home or in the gym. Beginner to advanced options available

Menus and Recipes

Regular new menus containing delicious Low Carb Healthy Fat recipes, exclusively available to our members

Interactive Shopping Lists

Use our menus or adjust them to suit you, then with one click generate a mobile-friendly shopping list!

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