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The Science of LCHF

Have you ever been told that Low Carb Healthy Fat is a fad diet, that it’s unsustainable or that it’s dangerous for your health? I hear these claims over and over again yet there is a plethora of research backing LCHF that most people are completely unaware of. It is this lack of knowledge that stops people from making one of the best health decisions of their life. As an example, here is something you might not know:

For those who have diabetes, researchers recommend that the adoption of a low carbohydrate diet be the first approach in diabetes management (Feinman et. al., 2015). For similar reasons, the recommendation of LCHF is also prudent in many other chronic illness (high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal disorders, inflammatory disorders etc.)

So join me for this webinar on LCHF where I will be sharing: – What LCHF actually looks like (versus the media portrayal) – The science and research backing LCHF (I can only cover a very small amount of research here as there is simply too much to cover) – Which chronic conditions will benefit from a LCHF approach – How easy it is to put together a well-formulated LCHF lifestyle

Recording of the webinar 🙂

Posted by Naomi Ferstera on Sunday, November 26, 2017
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