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Thinking about joining us? Here’s 10 reasons why you should!

Thinking about joining us? Here’s 10 reasons why you should!

1. Our focus in on individuality. We are all unique which means we have our own path to follow. Food-wise this means we will all be eating our own version of LCHF and for some this means a strict, calorie-controlled program whereas for others it means a more natural style of eating, with some flexibility thrown in along the way. We do each other a disservice by trying to enforce our own perception of LCHF onto one another. So in our programs, we really push that there are many ways to follow LCHF eating and we should encourage and support each other on our own individual journeys.

2. We dissuade people from trying to achieve dietary “perfection”. I can’t even define it (note – there is no such thing) so to try and achieve it leads to stress and unhealthy habits. Good health is combination of eating mostly well, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, reducing your stress levels and focusing on developing real and meaningful relationships with those around us. So in our programs, not only do we not worry about the hiccups, we celebrate them as it gives us an opportunity to reflect and then practice how to deal with them. (Note: sobbing into an empty packet of M&Ms happens to the best of us )

3. Following on from point 2, we encourage consistency over perfection. When we are consistently making good choices for our bodies, we are going to get very healthy and this is ultimately our priority for all our clients.

4. We focus heavily on learning to trust your incredible bodies again. Many people feel that their bodies have betrayed them. They feel that what constitutes healthy eating is completely confusing, overwhelming and stressful. I can promise you that it was never meant to be this way. We show you how simple healthy eating can be and how to learn to love food and your body, again.

5. We show you just how efficient the human body can be when it’s fuelled the right way. One of the biggest surprises our clients experience is how they are never hungry. No more snacking, no more eating to a schedule and no more starvation diets.

6. We focus on less exercise and more recovery (yes you read that correctly). Exercising for hours on end is yesterdays news. It’s also tied into the calorie theory of weight loss (the eat less move more mantra) which is also yesterdays news. We know that exercise is amazing and we know we need to be doing it regularly BUT once the intensity is right, the duration and volume can come right down. Exercise hard for a short time (15-30 minutes), then enjoy the full recovery process.

7. I’m a science nerd and completing my masters in nutrition which means I constantly have my head stuck in research. This means my approach is always backed by science, up to date and no BS.

8. Following on from point 7 – just a little bit about me. I’ve been in the industry for 17 years, teaching/lecturing for 10 and studying forever and a day. I take research very seriously and can’t stand the quick fix approach. If a product is claiming huge weight loss/health benefits, then we’d all be skinny and healthy, wouldn’t we? I hate that companies prey on our insecurities and fears and I hate even more that we allow it. Ultimately, if something is worthwhile, then it’s going to require effort. If you have shed blood, sweat and tears to achieve a goal, it will be so much more precious to you. Sometimes that means the goal will take a little while to achieve but what’s the point in killing yourself for a few months, to then stop and go back to exactly as you were before? This is why I don’t believe in most supplements, I don’t believe in ANY weight loss product, I don’t believe in gimmicks, I won’t promote any brand of product unless it comes with some seriously good science and I will never be involved in any dodgy business practice. At the end of the day opinion is not for sale and I want you to trust that all I offer is my opinion without strings attached.

9. Something else to add about me is that I don’t think everyone can be skinny and I especially don’t think that we should be trying to be. Healthy comes in all shapes and sizes and until we start changing DNA, we’re going to have significant diversity in the way we look and in our body composition. This is a cause for celebration, not lamentation.

10. Finally our message is always that there are no shortcuts to good health. If you want to become healthy, you have to work for it and be willing to change. During our programs we also want to see you change the way you view food, the way you see yourself, your confidence and ability to select healthy food, changes to your fitness and ultimately changes that are permanent. Rachel and I aren’t particularly good business women in that we don’t want repeat customers. We want you to learn everything you need in our programs, then continue by yourself.

BONUS POINT (you lucky ducks you): You will never ever see gratuitous boob or butt shots on my page (sorry to disappoint). I will never photograph my backside and post #progress 😉 or ask for your feedback on the perkiness of my glutes etc. This is my business page, I am a professional and I believe we need to lift the standard of the fitness industry (NOTE: what people do on their private pages is a completely separate thing). Additionally, the fitness industry has spent years building a 2-dimensional image of health and I have no desire to perpetrate this stereotype. I wan to see a variety of healthy body shapes and sizes becoming the norm in the industry so I will do what I can to work towards this! At the end of the day I want you with me because you like my brain, not my boobs and butt  😉

Want to join us? Head to our Eat Fat Get Fit Program page for all the details.

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  1. As much as I agree with what you write/believe, I am somewhat hesitant in signing up. Exercise frightens me. No matter what I start, I end up with injuries. When one was 140kg and was asked to run… you can imagine the outcome. Five years later, I still can’t run, walk fast, or do high intensity stuff, but I can swim constant, walk constant…. and am 95 kg. BUT I want to be more, lose more…And it frightens me…. help? Opinion please?
    Cheers Monique Wagemaker

    1. Hi Monique 🙂
      I run aqua sessions for exactly this reason – reduce injuries and stop some of the impact on our bodies. There are absolutely some people who should not be running or doing lots of impact-type training. In our programs we encourage high intensity for your level of fitness which can be fast walking or walking up a hill or even swimming. We don’t mind – our only stipulation is that your heart rate should be getting elevated.
      Please feel free to email me if you have any more questions – naomi@naomiferstera.com

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Skinny Fat

Many of us keep an eye on our weight, but if we really want to be healthy, we should ditch the scales. Exercise physiologist Naomi Ferstera joined us to talk about the idea of ‘skinny fat’ and how despite a slim physique you could be doing more harm than good to your body. #9Today

Posted by TODAY on Thursday, March 8, 2018

Lower Body

A 30 minute class focused on improving lower body exercise technique and strength.

Upper Body

A 30 minute class focused on improving upper body exercise technique and strength.


A 60 minute class focusing on boxing technique and fitness. This class is run intermittently throughout the year in 8 week blocks.

Body Composition Analysis

We now offer the latest in bioimpedance analysis for our clients in Ipswich, QLD. A bioimpedance analysis will estimate your body composition and is so helpful in monitoring your progress when you start a new way of eating or exercise plan.

Our Biompedance Scan will give you the following data within seconds of starting the test:

  • Body fat percentage, kilograms and individual ideal ranges
  • Lean tissue percentage and kilograms
  • BMI
  • Basal metabolic rate (BMR)
  • Water volume in litres, as a percentage and individual ideal range
  • Body Impedance (Z)

Benefits to Our Clients:  

  • Monitoring excessively high or low levels of Total Body Fat
  • Certainty of fat loss, not muscle loss
  • Verifying the effect of weight loss programs
  • Dietary and exercise recommendations based on results
  • Body composition monitoring in association with specific ageing and/or medical conditions
  • Investigating mysterious weight gain or loss associated with periodic bloating or dehydration

This test is non-invasive, takes around 15 minutes to perform and can be done onsite. As an exercise physiologist, I can interpret these results accurately and provide professional advice and recommendations on exercise programming, energy intake and the need for further investigations.

Online Timetable

Classes are held in our Online Group Training Facebook Group


12.00-12.45pm: HIIT


9.00-9.45am:Lower Body


12.00-12.45pm: Abs & Stretch


6.00-6.45am: Upper Body


4.30-5.15pm: HIIT


6.00-6.45am: HIIT


Ipswich Timetable

Classes are held at various locations in Ipswich – check the class description


6.15-7.15pm: Boxing  (first Monday of the month is a fitness testing session)


4.30-5.15pm: HIIT


9.15-10.00am: HIIT
6.15- 6.45pm: Aqua


5.00- 5.30am: Aqua
6.15-7.00pm: HIIT


5.00am: Running group
(Short run: 2km)


6.30-7.15am: HIIT


Abs & Stretch

A low impact class designed to improve abdominal strength and whole body range of motion. This is a class that can be done every day.

Running Group

We offer both Long Run (5km) and Short Run (2km) sessions, with everyone being given the running track at the start and then setting off at their own pace.

The Long Run is for experienced runners and is at Limestone Park (we meet near the netball courts). The Short Run is for anyone who is interested in learning to run through to experienced runners. For the Short Run, we meet at the Riverheart Parklands car park, which is accessed from Roseberry Parade, Woodend.

We do occasionally change courses, so please check the Facebook group prior to coming along to Running Group for the first time.


Thinking this might be something your grandma would enjoy? Think again. These classes incorporate HIIT principles but without all the stress on your joints. Be ready to get your heart rate pumping in the pool! Aqua is held at Ipswich SHS swimming pool on Hunter St, Brassall and goes for 45 minutes.
NOTE: This class is an additional $5 for people who are not on unlimited classes plan.


These classes are held at Sutton Park (Ipswich), run between 30 and 45 minutes and are designed to get your heart rate pumping. The classes include boxing, circuits, running/jogging/sprinting, body weight exercises and everything in between. They are fast and fun and ALWAYS catered to everyone’s individual fitness.


We also offer corporate discounts on our Eat Fat Get Fit Programs, which include: menus, recipes, eBooks, weekly online education, exercise programs and videos, online meetings with our dietitian and loads of support. We can tailor a package to suit your company and your budget.


We can also undertake individual health assessments which include the measurement of blood pressure, waist circumference, resting heart rate and nutrition/exercises analysis which will provide us with an overall health status of your employees. We will then report this information back to you.

Pricing for individual health appraisals is based on the size of your company.


I have been teaching and lecturing for over 10 years in the fitness industry and education is a core tenet of my business. I run Healthy Living workshops for my own clients and can provide similar workshops or presentations for your staff.

These short wellness programs can be delivered at your place of business and focus on the latest research with practical application for improving your staff health and productivity. Participants receive a copy of the workshop material and are given opportunities to apply principles to their own situations.

Seminars start at $300 for up to 45 minutes and include all the presentation information and a Q&A.


A corporate health and fitness program is an excellent way of improving job and employee satisfaction and reducing staff turnover. By retaining experienced staff and boosting their health and energy levels, you in turn increase the profitability of your company. Our experience has shown that corporate health and fitness programs:

If you are interested in corporate training, The Naomi Ferstera Group can come to your workplace, or somewhere mutually convenient, to undertake group training with your staff.  Our corporate fitness trainers will bring the equipment and their expertise; you just need to supply the participants. Group training prices start from $170 per session (for up to 12 participants).


Australia is facing a chronic disease epidemic. Diabetes is the fastest growing chronic condition and cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the number one killer.  Diabetes and CVD place people at considerable risk for adverse outcomes during exercise and clients with chronic illness who are high risk, in accordance with the APSS, require referral to a GP or appropriate allied health professional.

“Registered Exercise Professionals may work with higher risk clientele (whose conditions are stabilised and managed) after making a written referral to and receiving documented guidance on the exercise program from the clients’ treating medical and/or allied health practitioner. Registered Exercise Professionals should refer to the nationally endorsed APSS to stratify client risk and determine appropriate exercise intensity for physical activities based on the client’s risk classification.”

As an exercise physiologist, I can work with your trainers who have clients with serious chronic illness to ensure adequate duty of care is maintained. The referral process between PTs and EPs reclassifies these conditions as “managed” and reduces litigation risk for both you and your trainers.


We can also provide body fat and metabolism testing services to your clients, either on request by clients or on an ongoing basis at your site.

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis

Bioelectrical impedance analysis is a fast and efficient way to assess client’s body composition. We use the Maltron BF900 which provides us with accurate data on

The benefit to the client includes:

This test is non-invasive, takes around 15 minutes to perform and can be done onsite. As an exercise physiologist, I can interpret these results accurately and provide professional advice and recommendations on exercise programming, energy intake and the need for further investigations.

Indirect Caliometry

We are also taking expressions of interest for this gold standard metabolic assessment. Indirect caliometry is an effective and non-invasive way to accurately assess your client’s metabolic profile and identify dysfunction. This assessment provides insight into why weight loss may not be occurring and provides practitioners and clients with accurate data to improve their intervention. It can also be used to fine-tune both exercise and dietary programs to optimise results.

Indirect caliometry can be used to:

For more information about these assessments or to indicate an expression of interest in Indirect Caliometry, please contact us.


I have been teaching and lecturing for over 10 years in the fitness industry and education is a core tenet of my business. I run Healthy Living workshops for my own clients and have taught CEC courses for personal trainers and can provide similar services for your clients and PTs onsite.

Client Workshops

I have found that my clients are more likely to adhere to my intervention if they know why they are doing what they are doing. My client workshops have been hugely successful at increasing client adherence, success and satisfaction with our services.

I can provide workshops for your clients onsite covering topics such as low carb healthy fat nutrition, intermittent fasting, fitness as medicine or chronic disease management through lifestyle interventions; or I can tailor a workshop to suit a specific topic of interest. Presentations typically last for 45 minutes with a Q&A at the end for an additional 30-45 minutes; however, we can tailor the workshop length and the content to suit your clients and needs. Workshop participants receive a copy of the workshop material and are given opportunities to apply principles to their own situations.

PT Education Workshops

Due to the increasing number of Australians with chronic illness, I also run workshops for PTs covering:

If this is something that is of interest to you, we can offer corporate pricing for company-wide training or individual prices for trainers. This workshop will provide one CEC from the category of “In-House Training” with Fitness Australia.

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