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Type 2 Diabetes Management

Doctors will tell you that type 2 diabetes (T2D) is irreversible but that’s what the drug companies want you to think. T2D is taught as a progressive condition requiring more medication until ultimately insulin is needed.

This is not true all of the time. Diet and exercise are far more potent and efficient at managing and treating T2D and there are a number of key strategies needed in the successful managementof T2D.

Watch my webinar where I cover:

  • how diabetes develops
  • why you’ll have no idea you’ve got it until serious damage has been done
  • the damage diabetes does to your body
  • the link between type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease 
  • scientifically proven strategies for managing it with diet and exercise 
  • what I did with my client where blood glucose levels changed from 12-20 mmol/L to mid 4’s and HbA1c changed from 9.5% to 5.8% and no longer requiring any medication.
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